• A lot of companies are constantly looking for new impressive technological means of attracting customers’ attention and creating interior design. One good solution to this is a system of making an unsteady projection screen based on micro particles of water, which we have called PoliVizor.

  • PoliVizor has been specifically created as an alternative to conventional projection screens to demonstrate images right “in the thin air”. PoliVizor helps create a special indoor atmosphere with a touch of magic. It can find its application in museums, theme parks, exhibitions, TV studios, at various shows, in visual merchandizing, at conferences and trade fairs, during theatrical performances, presentations and fashion shows, in teaching and advertizing, in interior design of cafes, bars, restaurants, discos and night clubs, during corporate recreational events and home entertainment. You name it!

  • With a certain kind of content used for video projection and carefully adjusted lighting, a PoliVizor‘s “air screen” becomes almost invisible making it possible to have a realistic pseudo-dimentional picture.

  • The base of the “air screen” generated by PoliVizor is a specially prepared thin air current saturated with water fog and protected against eddies;

  • The “air screen” feels dry and cool to touch and, when there is no image projection, is almost invisible for human eye. It is onto this screen that specially prepared images are projected with a video projector;

  • A PoliVizor allows to obtain a 3D picture right in the air in front of spectators’ eyes. It creates a “live” pseudo-dimensional image in the empty space without any steady projection screens. An image created by a PoliVizor as though “hangs” in the air and looks realistic;

  • An image created by a PoliVizor looks dimensional even when it is close by not being a hologram though;

  • No special glasses are needed to watch a PoliVizor;

  • A PoliVizor is “fueled” with clean water;

  • A picture projected onto the “air screen” can be seen in the daylight as well. Its quality, however, becomes better is lighting becomes less intense. The best quality of color transfer can be obtained when projecting against a dark background.

  • An image on the PoliVizor’s “screen” is seen well from a distance so the device should be placed in such a way that the picture projected can be clearly seen to spectators approaching the “screen” from afar.

  • In order to enhance the effect of using a PoliVizor, apart from the accompanying sound, the picture can be augmented with scents by adding aromatic substances to the refill tank with water.

  • A PoliVizor can be used both as an independent information or advertizing carrier and an element of an exhibition stand or theatrical scenery.

  • In 2014 the PoliVizor company obtained a patent of the Russian Federation on the invention which the projector is based on.

  • PoliVizor projectors have already been successfully used both in Russia and EC.